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Living Bueno is Back! What I learned from a Year of Hard Work

Preface- Why so few posts in the past year?

It is no secret, I have been away from the blog for a while, caught up in pushing through one of the busiest and most challenging periods of my life. But now my friends, I am back!

I had blogged consistantly for nearly two and a half years and it was time for me to focus on living life, building a family and a career and more recently moving into and adjusting to a new city.

I started Living Bueno not just as a travel blog, documenting my new experiences while transversing the globe, but rather as a lifetsyle and self improvement movement. That movement is continuing now.

Building Your Best Life Today

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Next week I will be turning 27, not nessesarily the most monumental of birthdays, I'll admit. However this year has definetly been a defining time in my life. I rebuilt my career and had an excellent year in real estate, got engaged to my beautiful fiancee and begun planning our wedding and moved to Ballard, living in the city of Seattle for the first time. This has been stressful and chaotic without question, however I feel like I am in a better place now than I have been ever before. What is exciting and inspiring to me is that making huge, difficult, but nessesary changes in your life is not nearly as difficult as it may seem.

How to Get What You Want Out of Life

Conquering any task you desire is possible. What is first nessesary however, is the concious decision to focus. Focus is by far one of the most underappriciated game changers in our society today. Nearly anyone who has accomplished anything great has had the ability to set everything else aside and single out a specific goal, driving forward with precision and unrelenting focus until the task is achieved.

The Power of Focus

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I decided about this time last year that I would get back into the real estate industry and that would be my chosen career path. It just made sense. I was damn good at it, I enjoyed it and I had all the connections in place to make it happen.

However without focus, this endeavor would have not been successful As a real estate broker, staying focused and on task is not the easiest thing to do. No one tells you what to do and you are in charge of your own business. Furthermore if you do not focus and create results, there is no wage to fall back on, commission only, no pay check will come in that you do not earn.

Having a strong focus and driving forward is what ultimatly propelled me to having a very good year in real estate sales. Focus however, seems to be a lost art in todays ADHD inducing society.

Most of us cannot get though ordering lunch without scrolling through facebook updates and it is a miricle anyone accomplishes anything with how distracted we all seem to be on a regular basis. Focus is overcoming the distractions, worrying about only the prize on the horizon, shunning the unimportant nuances that aim to destroy our dreams.

I do not speak of this as an all knowing guru who has conquered these deamons, but rather as someone who has suffered with this precise hinderance for too long and who is now attepting to change by overcoming it. Though adderal, ephedrine and other pharmacuticals can without question do one hell of a job in helping to fight this battle, at some point we all need to possess the ability to maintain prolonged focus and discipline in order to achieve our goals. Otherwise anything we dream up is nothing more than a new years resolution that is doomed to be broken when we lose focus a few days later.

More than anything this year, I knew that I know had a family to support and a life to build with my soulmate and partner. This goes along way in helping you focus on what is really important. If you are trying to achieve something great right now, you will simply have to want it bad enough to change and possses the ability to maintain your focus long enough to make it happen. THAT IS IT.

Focus and win or lose focus and perish.

The end.

Going forward


I'll be writing much more on how to build a great life in the coming weeks, something I am proud to say that I have done. I also have some huge goals for this year and  will be making some big moves here in the next few months to find out what I have up my sleeve. Improving my health by losing a ton of weight, learning new interesting skills and expanding my business tenfold are on my shortlist at the moment and for you travel nuts out there, I will be taking a trip near the end of the year!