Picking the Right Handle Material for Your Telescopic Fishing Rod

So, you want to get your kid into fishing, and you’ve got a telescopic fishing rod in mind. Great choice! But here’s the deal: picking the right handle material for that rod can make a world of difference in your child’s fishing adventure. Let’s break it down.

Materials Types

In this part, we will introduce the types of handling materials.

Foam Handles—Light and Comfy

Foam handles are a go-to for kid-friendly telescopic fishing rods. They’re light, comfy to grip, and won’t slip out of your kid’s hand, even when they’re wet. Plus, they’re tough cookies, and cleaning them is a piece of cake. So, if your young angler isn’t known for being super careful with their gear, foam handles are a solid bet.

Cork Handles: Sensitivity Boost:

Cork handles are the pros’ choice. They give your kid a better sense of what’s happening under the water. They’re comfortable, have a natural look, and add a touch of class to the fishing rod. But here’s the catch: cork handles need some TLC to stay in tip-top shape. So they’re better for older kids who can handle responsibility.

EVA Handles: Durable All-Rounders:

Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) handles are all the rage for telescopic fishing rods. They’re comfy, durable, and can take a beating. EVA handles come in different textures, so you can pick the grip level that suits your kid’s fancy.

Plastic Handles: Budget-Friendly but Less Grip

Some telescopic fishing rods, especially the budget-friendly ones, might come with plastic handles. They’re cost-effective but might not offer the best grip, especially when they get wet. So, keep this in mind, especially if your child is all about control.

Rubberized Handles, Slip-Resistant

Rubberized handles are like superglue for your kid’s hands, even when everything’s soaking wet. They’re comfy, give excellent control, and are a fantastic choice for beginners who might need that extra help with handling their rod.

Consideration factors

Now, when you’re deciding on the handle material for your kid’s telescopic fishing rod, here’s what to think about:

Age and know-how

Younger kids might want handles that are low-maintenance and easy to grip. For the more experienced ones, cork handles offer that extra sensitivity they crave.

Comfort is key

Whatever you choose, it should be comfortable for your kid to hold onto for hours on end. Let your little angler test-drive different handles to find their favorite.

Get a grip

No one wants their fishing rod to slip into the water. Make sure the handle material offers a secure grip, especially when it’s wet. Safety first!

Maintenance Mode

Think about how much TLC the handle material needs. Kids might not be too keen on cleaning and caring for their gear, so go for a handle that matches their responsibility level.


In a nutshell, the handle material for your kid’s telescopic fishing rod can make or break their fishing fun. Consider your child’s age, experience, comfort, grip, and maintenance preferences when making your choice. That way, you can guarantee they’ll have a blast on their fishing escapades.