The Beauty of Event Chairs: 4 Ways to Make It Stand Out

After finding the perfect location for your event, congratulations on finding one that meets your needs. What seating arrangement should you pick, though? Or what kind of event chairs would you need?

Planning the seating and tables is necessary whether you’re organizing a business meeting, a charity gala, or an engagement party. This is in addition to considering the budget, the menu, the entertainment, and the decorations. What can really make a difference is how people are seated.

Here is a quick guide to the most common seating layouts so you can decide with ease and confidence how to best arrange your event chairs the next time you’re organizing a special event.

Banquet Style Seating

Banquet-style seating is ideal for weddings and birthday parties. Additionally, it is appropriate for business functions like appreciation parties, charitable activities, and team-building exercises. Round tables for 8 to 10 people are used in this traditional seating configuration. Participants’ interactions with one another are encouraged by the seating arrangement, which places them facing one another.

Create a seating plan that designates visitors to specific tables to make birthdays and weddings more organized. There is flexibility in arranging more than 8 people per table when using round tables.

Auditorium-Stage Seating

The term “auditorium,” also known as “theater,” refers to a seating arrangement that can accommodate more than 150 people. The chairs are often arranged in straight rows, which makes it the most straightforward seating layout you can use. You should rent at least three more function rooms if you are expecting more than 300 people. This venue offers a foldable wall and partition that allows a planner to increase the room’s capacity in order to fit more people.

Some events, like business forums and meetings, school functions, and any other gathering that won’t require long hours of sitting down are best events for the auditorium-stage setting. There is no viable way to offer refreshment to guests because there are no tables in the seating arrangement.

Set aside a space in the function room’s back for an arrangement for some nibbles and cool beverages. Make sure there is enough room for attendees to take regular breaks and get refreshments.

Cabaret-Style Seating

Guests should be seated at round tables facing the presenter(s), so that everyone can see them. A suitable arrangement for attendees or situations when presentations and group work are both taking place. A smaller number of people can sit at a table due to inefficient floor use. This arrangement is suitable for Seminars, comedy shows, dinner parties, and award ceremonies.

Cocktail-Style Seating

Cocktail-style seating, which is frequently utilized for exhibitions and product launches, frees up valuable floor space so that visitors can move about freely. Nearly 16–18 standard-sized cocktail tables may be put up in a 95 square meter function area to seat at least 100 guests. Look for locations that have halls that can hold at least 400 cocktail tables for larger cocktail events. A large production setup can be made possible by reducing the number of cocktail tables, making product debuts even more interactive and engaging.


To guarantee that everyone will fit in the room, whether you are hosting a marriage or a business event, the table layouts must match the venue. So try as much as possible to find a venue that fits perfectly with your event so your guests will have the best experience of their lives.