Various Types of Kitchen Smoke Extractors

A device with a mechanical fan that hangs above the stove or cooktop in the kitchen is known by many names, including a kitchen hood, exhaust hood, kitchen smoke extractor hood, and range hood. Grease, combustion byproducts, smells, heat, smoke, and steam are all removed from the air by expelling it and filtering it.

The air is forced through filters by these range hoods. Before the air is returned to your kitchen, the filters eliminate any odors associated with cooking. Most contemporary recirculating hoods have a basic grease filter and a charcoal filter that combine to purge the air of grease, odors from food, and smoke.

There are numerous range hood variations available.

Hoods for Cabinets

These may be referred to as wall-mount if they are mounted to the wall rather than the cabinets above your range because they attach to the cabinet’s underside. Undercabinet hoods are available in various designs, capacities, and ducted or nonducted options.

Hoods for Wall Mount

These hoods resemble undercabinet hoods in appearance, but instead of mounting to the cabinets above, they are mounted to the wall.

Fireplace Hoods

Chimney hoods feature a flue that runs up the wall to the ceiling but can mount to the wall above your range or the ceiling above an island. Any cabinets above the range must be removed for this type of hood to fit and work properly.

Islington Hoods

The optimum ventilation method for an island cooktop is an island hood, which hangs from the ceiling above an island. Numerous designs are available, including glass canopies, curved metal, and conventionally designed hoods.

Hoods for Downdrafts

When used, these cooktop-hidden hoods pull smoke and steam horizontally over the range. Since they don’t require traditional installation, which can obstruct lines of sight, they are a popular option for islands.

Fireplace Inserts

Hoods that are concealed are called power packs or inserts. They are integrated into the cabinetry above the cooktop to provide a unique venting method. There are numerous choices; consult a specialist to determine which would complement your cabinets the best.

A Pro Hood

Pro hoods are similar to undercabinet hoods in appearance but are larger, look more professional, and have greater power. These are excellent for those who cook frequently and enjoy the appearance of a larger hood. They are available in several styles to support the exhaust choice and can be ducted or nonducted.

Personalized Range Hoods

Custom range hoods let you enhance both your appearance and experience. You may outfit your kitchen with the ideal hood for your cooktop or range, considering performance, finish, and color.

Over-the-Range Microwaves

As a kitchen space saver, an over-the-range microwave is frequently utilized in addition to a conventional hood fan. For optimum ventilation results when using in place of a hood, duct to the outside rather than having the air circulate.

Is Having an Extractor Fan in the Kitchen Necessary?

You should install an extractor fan even if building codes don’t mandate one in a kitchen. This is so that extractor fans can clear the space of odors and dampness. If left unattended, this moisture can accumulate on appliances, causing damage and possibly fire.